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FAQs - What is ConventionQ?

ConventionQ is a revolutionary virtual queue management system designed to enhance the autograph session experience at conventions. It provides a digital solution for managing lines, allowing attendees to reserve a spot in the virtual queue and receive notifications when it’s their turn to meet their favorite guest artists and celebrities.

ConventionQ leverages advanced technology to revolutionize the autograph session experience at conventions. Using the ConventionQ web app, attendees can join the virtual queue by scanning the provided QR code at the convention. This QR code seamlessly directs them to the convention page within the web app, where they can explore the list of guests and select the autograph session they wish to attend.

Once attendees join the virtual queue, they are free to explore other areas of the convention, visit vendors, attend panels, or enjoy the various attractions without worrying about waiting in physical lines. As they move through the queue, attendees receive push notifications or text messages to their mobile devices, alerting them when it’s their turn to meet the guest artist or celebrity.

By implementing ConventionQ, convention organizers can streamline operations, reduce waiting times, and increase attendee satisfaction. For guest artists and celebrities, ConventionQ provides a more organized autograph session, improved fan engagement, and valuable data insights. It enhances accessibility and time management while creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

FAQs - Using the ConventionQ App:

To join the virtual queue at the convention, attendees can simply scan the provided QR code using their smartphone or mobile device. This QR code will direct them to the convention page within the ConventionQ web app. Once on the page, they can create an account or log in if they already have one. From there, attendees can easily explore the list of guests, select the autograph session they’re interested in, and join the virtual queue with just a few taps. The QR code scanning method provides a seamless and convenient way for attendees to access the virtual queue system at the convention, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Once an attendee joins the virtual queue, they can freely explore other convention areas, visit vendors, attend panels, or grab a bite to eat. They will receive push notifications or text messages when it’s their turn in the queue, prompting them to return and meet the guest artist or celebrity.

At this time the Android and iOS Apps are in development and final testing.

Yes, attendees can manage multiple autograph sessions using the ConventionQ app. They can join different queues, track their positions, and receive notifications for each session they have reserved. The number of queues a user can register for is set by the convention operator.

ConventionQ takes data security seriously. The app follows industry-standard security protocols to protect personal information. All data shared through the app is encrypted and stored securely to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of attendees’ information.

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