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Welcome to ConventionQ, the foremost provider of virtual queue management solutions for conventions. Our platform is engineered to elevate your convention by streamlining autograph sessions and optimizing the entire event experience. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to a more efficient and engaging convention operation.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Convention.

Our innovative platform is designed with convention operators in mind, empowering you to create exceptional experiences for your attendees while optimizing the efficiency of your event. With ConventionQ, you can provide attendees with a streamlined process to secure their place in the virtual line, freeing them to explore your convention's diverse areas, from vendors to panels and photo ops. Our system seamlessly integrates with your event, ensuring attendees receive timely push notifications and text messages, reducing wait times to mere minutes. By enhancing attendee satisfaction, ConventionQ not only elevates their experience but also boosts vendor engagement and offers invaluable insights through analytics.

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Giant crowd with lines at Comic Convention 2023

Maximize Vendor Exposure and Boost Sales Potential

ConventionQ isn't just about improving the attendee experience; it's a game-changer for convention vendors as well. With our virtual queue management system in place, vendors can anticipate a surge in foot traffic and engagement. Attendees are no longer tied up in lengthy autograph lines, which means they now have the freedom to explore the convention floor, visit vendor booths, and make purchases. ConventionQ empowers vendors to seize the spotlight in front of a broader audience, unlocking unprecedented sales potential. Our platform establishes a mutually beneficial scenario where attendees relish a streamlined autograph experience, while vendors connect with more enthusiastic fans and effectively showcase their products and services.

Elevate Your Convention with ConventionQ

ConventionQ is more than just a queue management tool; it's a comprehensive solution that can revolutionize your convention. Here's how:

  • Analytics and Insights: ConventionQ provides valuable data and analytics, offering insights into attendee behavior. Understand peak periods, guest/artist popularity, and more to make informed decisions.
  • Celebrity Experience: Our platform enhances the experience for celebrities, actors, and guests at your convention. They’ll appreciate the streamlined process and the opportunity to meet more fans.

Incorporate ConventionQ into your event and unlock the power of data-driven decisions and enhanced celebrity experiences. Contact us today to explore how ConventionQ can tailor its services to your specific convention needs. Together, let’s elevate your convention to new heights.

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Seamless Registration Register with ease and unlock the ultimate convention experience. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to convenience.

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Explore While You Wait Join the virtual queue and make the most of your time at the convention. Explore vendors, meet other celebrities, and indulge in all the excitement.

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Effortless Queue Management Agents and artists, simplify your queue management process. Easily notify the next group of eager attendees and ensure a smooth autograph session.

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